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Updated: May 5, 2021

Is art objective?

Is it personal?

Is it a person? A place? A thing?

Art can evoke many feelings. Emotion can be built into a piece of art.

What makes something collectable, or classic?

Yes, it seems these ideas are subjective. But one thing is sure. Most of us can at least recognize what we like. Even if it does not fit into a box someone else would recognize as art.

I like to surround myself with the things I love. I feel calm and comfortable among these things. Many of my favorite surroundings however are not “things”, they are people. My loved ones. Those who share my past, my memories, and experiences. Those whose faces I am so familiar with; they need not even speak for me to know what is on their mind. All their expressions are mapped in my memory.

So, art to me is more and more becoming a who and not a what.

And with the passing of time, as we all grow older, becoming an unfamiliar shadow of our past selves, capturing a pose, a motion, an expression so familiar is the place where I find the most tranquility.

My photography is art in a Time Capsule.

Let's create some art featuring your family!

Call today: 810.875.9881

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Updated: May 5, 2021

Amazing right? Ya!

This is why I love being a photographer.

I think and I think

and I plan, and I plan

and then . . . something spontaneous just happens,

and my camera is in my hand.

I see it happen in my viewfinder,

and my finger snaps the shutter.

And then, when I look at the image I just captured,

I can feel my thoughts!

Let's get together to "feel some thoughts with your family!

Call today: 810.875.9881

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Updated: May 5, 2021

Street Photography is different from studio photography.

Wow! What an understatement. Photographing people on the streets randomly, candidly, or even spontaneously posed, offers a glimpse of humanness and relationships and sometimes vulnerability. These are set against a constantly changing backdrop of colors, textures, and light. The vibe is real and raw and immensely interesting.

Studio Photography strives for a more controlled atmosphere of static backgrounds, staged lights, and planned poses. Sometimes beautiful things come of this type of set up, but it’s usually not thought of as spontaneous, right? How can there be any correlation at all between these two styles?

Street Photography, but in a studio

My studio is my creative world. I love to invite people – families, into my world. To set up an experience with which they can interreact. The lights in my place do not flash. To me a flash defines when the photograph takes place. It becomes the end of the process for me and for my guests. Once that happens there is no need to play through to the end of the story.

I guess I’ve come to think of my “always on” lights as “streetlights”. Therefore, what happens under the lights at WrenPhoto Studio could be a bit closer to “Street Photography”.

Let's get together to talk about creating some Studio "Street" Art for your walls!

Call today: 810.875.9881

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