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Each photo includes Basic Cosmetic Editing


On Location Portable Studio

Our PORTABLE STUDIO needs a room or corner of a room about 10'x10' near a wall outlet, very little sunlight & the ability to control ambient lighting.

If this is not possible at YOUR PLACE - come to OUR PLACE.

$50 set up fee for this option.

*Mileage fees may apply

$30 per person photographed. Includes basic cosmetic editing & web-ready digital file.


Schedule Appointments at Our Studio in Grand Blanc

We can also photograph at our studio in Grand Blanc. Same background, Same lighting set up.

*Also available for retakes or for those who cannot be at your office on picture day.

No Set up fee.
$40 per person photographed.
Includes basic cosmetic editing & web-ready digital file.


What's Included?

One digital file, cosmetically edited (sized for web use) for each participant delivered on a thumb drive.

Appointment are scheduled 5-7 minutes apart making it easy to fit everyone in on one day.

Those who are not able to  attend picture day or would like a retake, can schedule time at our studio at no extra charge.

See below for Group photo and product pricing for Acrylic Wall Prints for your office walls.

Additional Products

Group Photo

If at least 10 staff members are photographed a group photo is complimentary if taken when we have set up our portable studio at your business during original scheduled time.

If we need to schedule a separate time for the group photo there will be a $50 fee. The digital file is included.

Acrylic Wall Prints

Acrylic's are an impressive way to elevate your images.

The 3D luminosity of the polished surface brings images to life with vibrant colors and depth.

These Acrylic Wall Prints are a lovely and professional way to display your professional staff portraits to your clients on your office wall.

Two sizes are available

5x7 $75 each

8x10 $100 each

Call our officeTODAY to get your office on our calendar

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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